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Please join me on my journey to achieving overall wellness and spirituality.
I use Tarot, Oracle, Kipper cards & Pendulum to deliver a variety of readings; DAILY,WEEKEND and WELLNESS. Join us LIVE - * Every 2nd Wed @ 9pm EDT for "Achieving Wellness" *First Friday of the month @3pm EDT for "THANK SPIRIT IT'S FRIDAY" *Sun @ 3pm EDT for "Sunday Connections" *For a private reading please email; dzncats4mechats@gmail.com - put "Reading Request" in subject line. *To support this website and my channel, donations are appreciated and accepted here: Dzncats Paypal Page

Reading costs are by donation only

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Upcoming Events

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In"TAROT"gation with Lena Rodriguez 

Friday Jan 20th -8pm EST

In The News with Special Guest Cartomancy Mequite 

Thursday Jan 26th -3pm EST

Chat & Cards with the "A" Team

Friday Jan 27th -7pm EST